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I am on mission to help awaken and nourish the Divine Feminine Consciousness in the mothers and women of this planet. I hold space for the remembering of their intuitive love-nature, and creatrix power allowing the reclamation of this ripe, fertile, abundant phase of life. This support is not exclusively for those who have, or plan to bear human children. 

The Divine Feminine is needed to help us tap into our healing power to end the cycle of depletion, overwhelm, and not enough-ness with in ourselves, our children, and end the effects it has had on our planet so we can continue to have hope for a future to live into. It is critical and crucial for this time on this plane of existence and on planet Earth, that we awaken and nourish her with in each of us, and call the power back into our hearts.


I am a woman with powerful energy. I love deeply, feel deeply and am energized by serving as catalyst for change and connection for my clients on both individual and global levels. I have used these aspects of my being to create healing spaces since I was a child and have done so professionally as a social worker and yoga teacher over the last decade and currently do so as a transformational coach, and yoga teacher. 



I believe we are living in a time where it is critical to create network of support for those feeling, overwhelmed and depleted by the stirrings of this collective shift as we are living in a time of accelerated change, calling for heightened attention, awareness and effort to create a higher quality, heart lead way of living for ourselves,  for the next generation and for generations to come. 


 Through the evolution of our humanness, as we move from homo sapiens to homo luminous, light beings, we are being asked to tap into deep and ancient wisdom and open to new ways of freeing our essence from the prison of depletion, overwhelm and numbness we have become so accustomed to. It is time to elevate and rule from love rather than fear, abundance rather than scarcity, nourishment rather than depletion. Let's honor the art of being once again so we can create a new experience for our kind and all energy on and around our planet.


Let's work together and create this New Earth together starting with how you choose to engage in and participate in your life! Please reach out to begin the path of freeing your essence! Life's too short to be unhappy, filled with doubt, or unfulfilled.



Love you!


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