Vincent Van Gogh

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”




Purple Sparkler

Phase 1: Find Your Spark 

We access your first level of clarity and help you find your spark, the passion, that powerful life force that makes you. We uncover what has been snuffing it out and set you up to begin shifting into the you, you always knew you were meant to be. We lovingly explore old habits that have been keeping you stuck and establish new ones that light you up rather than snuff you out. 

Phase 2: Ignite Your Fire 

We create a steady fire from the phase one spark. Here you begin to go deeper into transformation, revealing beliefs that may feel threatened by this the new level of goodness you are living. Together we begin the process of transforming those beliefs so you can step fully into the life you have created so you can consistently show up for yourself and what you care about most. All the while we continue to dream up and up level your desires to experience new higher levels of connection, passion, and aliveness than ever before.

Phase 3: Fuel Your Fire 

Here we throw kindle and lighter fluid on to your fire and watch it grow and brighten. Here you will experience an expansion in all directions just like your fire. Your passion burns brighter, your heart opens wider, the work you have put into the first two phases becomes simply how you live your life and we get to sit and watch your flames burn bright!  You will see things in your physical world reflecting the desires and work you have dedicated to your internal journey in the first two phases. In this third phase, we dive deeper into your belief structure and connect with the beliefs that have attached to your identity over the years.  We uncover messages across the spectrum of your life that have imprinted on you at the core and have been informing what you allow in and block out… including heightened levels of goodness, feelings of deserv-ability and worthiness of the amazingness begging to come into your life.  We begin the process of re-imprinting to bring your desires, habits, beliefs and identity into alignment so you can actual live the vibrant life you thought was reserved for only for the lucky.  

Phase 4: Phoenix Rise

From that beautiful, powerful fire created, we connect you to the fertile ashes created from your sacred transformation. We use those ashes to fertilize a whole new birth of you. Where you are showing up for you on a daily basis consistently and joyfully.  You are blown away by the high level, powerful life experiences you are creating in your business and family that leaving you feeling more alive, connected and loved in 5D! You may find yourself pinching yourself, wondering how you GET to live this amazing life every day. We continue the re-imprinting process to help you continue to rise to higher, higher and HIGHER. Higher levels of beauty and amazingness become abundant, where you feel so proud of where you are in your life, that if today was your last day on Earth you could look back and say. YES! I lived my life exactly as I dreamed and then some!This program is the second phase of the Total Transformation series for Mama's. Here we will refine your vision for living the life you desire, as this new, empowered mama and set you up to boost your energy levels so you can....

Through these Through The Fire Programs you can expect to:

feel a whole new level of strength, beauty and confidence

have the energy to create and invest in the lifestyle that aligns with your core values and desires

experience your version of peak health at this precious time in your life

experience deep harmonious relationships with your children, family and the ones you hold dear

o have the energy to invest time into creating a solid financial foundation for you and family and a fulfilling career