Gratefulness Practiced Daily Leads to A Life Full of Greatness

I've been doing some of my own work on this by asking myself, what gets in the way of me living the life I want?

My big hit was fear of loss. I soon realized my mind goes to deficit. I can hear it in the words I speak to others and in the cycle of thoughts that dance around in my head. So how do I change this if I want to be the powerful, strong, vivacious woman I know I am meant to be?


"Yeah, yeah" you might say, "we've heard that one before". But if you take a moment to really be with the concept of placing your attention on why an experience can be a GAIN for you, rather than a LOSS you access a whole new opportunity to be FULL of GREATNESS!

Even if it is for a fraction of a second, you are full of greatness and the more you repeat these grateful moments, the more easily you will be able to access a life of greatness ....its just who you are and what you do!

So the next time you hear yourself speak in deficit, take a moment to see how that LOSS CAN BECOME A GAIN.

I'd love to hear from you. What do you do to turn a loss into a gain? How do you practice gratitude?